Amanah Ramadiah, PhD

Amanah is the Head of Analytics and Client Success (Asia) at FNA. She leads a team of data scientists in Asia and leads the delivery and development of various advanced analytics solutions (e.g., supervisory technology, fraud analytics, digital twin simulation). She is also responsible for managing client relationships and providing strategies for successful solution adoption and expansion efforts in Asia.

At the moment, Amanah serves as an Adjunct Professor at Universita Indonesia. She teaches "Introduction to Data Science" at the Faculty of Economics and Business, "Social and Digital Media Analytics" at the Faculty of Computer Science, and "Artificial Intelligence" at the Creative Business Program.

Amanah collaborates actively with researchers at various regulatory bodies and policy institutions around the world. In the past, she was affiliated with the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund.

Amanah holds a Ph.D. in Computational Finance from University College London, an MSc in Financial Risk Management from University College London, and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Universitas Indonesia.

Contact: amanah[at]fna[dot]fi