Amanah Ramadiah, PhD

Hi! I am a Data Science Lead at FNA who lead the delivery and development of Supervisory Technology (Suptech) solutions for central banks in the Asia-Pacific region. At FNA, I also co-developed an agent-based simulation of Central Bank Digital Currencies. 

At the moment, I serve as an Adjunct Faculty at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia.

I enjoy doing interdisciplinary research at the interface between computer science, finance, and economics. My main research interest is systemic risk, financial stability, and digital money. In the past, I was a visiting scholar at the Bank of England and at the International Monetary Fund.

I hold a PhD in Financial Computing from University College London, an MSc in Financial Risk Management from University College London, and a BSc in Computer Science from Universitas Indonesia.

Contact: amanah[at]fna[dot]fi